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Rapid deployment CCTV is leading the security market for the provision of redeploy able CCTV surveillance systems. The Glam Security Tower Range system combines the very latest technology from the fields of mobile 3/4G telecommunications and CCTV  has been designed specifically to meet the challenges of securing remote sites, buildings or infrastructure on a temporary, permanent or semi- permanent basis.

Glam Security can provide a complete solution on a UK wide basis.


Glam Security uses a complete all in one surveillance camera solution and works on 3/4G mobile phone network to allow the transmission of video alarms.

Features include a heavy duty infrared 360 degree, pan-tilt and 30x zoom camera to allow a remote operator to capture images of any potential intruder:

Audio speakers to enable a remote challenge to be given.

A double banked battery in case the power supply is interrupted.

A removable hard disc drive which can provide evidential quality images for up to  30 days.


The Glam Security tower can be powered by mains , generator. However, it is adaptable so fuel cell can be used on these systems. which can power the systems autonomously for up to 7 days without mains power or battery. When this supply is near depletion, an alarm is triggered to notify the user that there is a requirement to replace the fuel cell cartridge, Where suitable Glam Security can also provide towers that can rely solar energy.


The Glam Security towers can be rapidly installed on site and easily moved around a site to meet changing needs.


In addition to providing site security the Glam Security tower can also be used as a project management and health and safety tool. it is possible for office based personnel to access the cameras during working hours and review the recorded images to solve site problems and/or check regulations are being followed by personnel and sub-contractors.


Glam security tower comes with a 24/7 monitoring service, which allows trained operators to provide around the clock site surveillance, from the moment it is installed. The operators can react immediately to site incidents as they occur, warning intruders to leave the site or instigate a mobile site response or police call out.

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